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Paradise missed in Mirissa!

There is a sole purpose of mind to come to this stretch of Sri Lanka’s southern shoreline, and that is the beach. Mirissa is a narrow curving cove of a beach with white glistening sand, aqua marine waters and 8 seaside bars and restaurants serving whatever they retrieved from the ocean on that day. Mirissa, should and could be paradise.

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Mirissa, on the South Coast of Sri Lanka should and could be paradise!
As the surf pounds at Mirissa, the stilt, on which a traditional Sri Lankan fisherman usually sits, stays empty!
Though to be honest to Mirissa, this has been a theme that has haunted all travellers during the August/September shoulder season as all along the east and south coast, beaches have turned on those wishing to use them for pleasure , just like a scorned lover, and have ensured that they leave a few mental or physical scars in the memory.
So what do you do in Mirissa when the weather turns ugly...hit one of the beachside bars?!?
The bruised back from Arugam Bay, the rock jammed toe in Trincomalee, the UV sunburn without the sun and snake attack in Passakudah. Even the syringe episode on Mt Lavina’s sandy shoreline which made us keep our flip flops firmly on our feet, all conspired to give us a memorable impression of the Sri Lankan beaches, though maybe not quite the one they were hoping to show in the 2013 tourist brochure! 
Mirissa, on the South Coast of Sri Lanka should and could be paradise!
However, we seem to have offended the travel gods. Could it have been our post about St Francis in Goa (casting aspersions about his role in calling the inquisition to the state; questions were raised by one eagle eyed reader (thanks Len) but after further research we shall stick to our story based on St Francis’ letter to Dom John III, King of Portugal dated 16 May 1545 requesting there be an inquisition in India (though it did take them 8 years after his death to arrive!) but here endeth todays history debate... please keep reading and commenting Len      ) that pushed them over the edge? Or was it our take on the Buddhist caves of Aluvihara where we gently mocked their version of hell? Who knows… but what it has brought us in this most ideal of settings are cloudy skies, stormy weather and a pounding ocean swell.
As the surf pounds at Mirissa, the stilt on which a traditional Sri Lankan fisherman usuallly sits stays empty!
So what do you do in Mirissa when the weather turns ugly...hit one of the beachside bars?!?
So what do you do when the beach is completely submerged by the ocean, local restaurateurs are chasing and then recovering their furniture from the sea and the one life guard on duty has firmly planted the red flag in the sand to signify that the waters are too dangerous to swim in?
Well as I sip on my 3rd cup of Sri Lankan tea for the day (made I am sure in the same old Thomas Lipton factory we visited in Haputale), I watch some hardy and at times foolish if the gesticulations of the life guard are anything to go by, individuals subjecting themselves to the relentless pounding of our spurned mistress, the sea.
We have chosen the less noble pursuit of food and drink, two things that have sorely been missing from our routine of late due to either our remote locations or just a lack of tasty fare. Sometimes eating is just for sustenance we have discovered!
The internet in this part of the world is now also dead and has been as such for the last 13 hours, so we have decided that Mirissa and its tantalizing and ultimately frustrating paradise shall have the pleasure of our company for just 24 more hours. 24 more hours for us to suffer the spectacle of crashing surf, 24 more hours of no connection to the outside world and most disconcerting of all, 24 more hours of having to down ice cold Lions beers whilst we choose which seafood delicacy we shall consume after bargaining a fair price for it.
A fresh snapper, the catch of the day, cooked to perfection with Sri Lankan spices!
Even this early in the day I can hear the yet to be caught king prawns calling to me with their siren song, that to my ears sounds remarkably like… eat me…

Sometimes travelling really is tough and sacrifices need to be made.. Happy Monday everyone!
A fresh snapper, the catch of the day, grilled to perfection with Sri Lankan spices!
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